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Kanto Information and Communication Union.(KICU)

Kanto Information and Communication Union.(KICU)*1
Established in 1998.
Founding place is Yamanashi Prefecture.
In 1999 the headquarters moved to Ami Town, Ibaraki Prefecture.
In 2003 the headquarters were located in Toshima village, Tokyo.
Since 2004, we have relocated to Shiga prefecture Nagahama, Hokkaido Iwamizawa, Nagano prefecture Toshiki village, Aomori prefecture Nohonomiya etc. by alternation of principals and others.
In 2009 moved to Kawasaki city Kawasaki city Kanagawa prefecture home base now, full-scale business started.
Arbitrary organization KICU has a wide range of ranges such as radio, Web and special effects.

If there is something, by all means to KICU

This site is operated by KICU's dust "leftovers".

*1 思いつきでグーグル翻訳させたようです